My Nutritional & Medical History

I was fed breast milk and I did not get too many vaccines. I was a big baby. My parents are Spanish immigrants who came to Switzerland to work. They had no knowledge about nutrition. I was fed with a Mediterranean diet during my childhood.

I had my appendicitis removed at 10 years old. I was about to die because I actually had peritonitis. I stayed 2 weeks in the hospital. There was no Kefir made with raw organic milk in the morning for breakfast and in addition they fed me with gluten rich food: pasta, rice and bread!

I learned later that appendicitis inflammation is the result of food poisoning in the long term. It means that I was eating the wrong food regardless the design of my digestive system. So if this happens to you, I advise you to reduce your daily carbohydrate intake. If you think about that, we are not birds to eat so many grains !!!

After this event, I continued to eat the same food that made me sick. I was again in my life eating everything: Ice cream, soda, cake, pasta, bread, meat, fish, egg, cheese, salad, vegetable, fruit, etc.


2013 - Diet change

On January 2013, 29 years after my appendix removal, I decided to change my diet to lose weight. I stopped the bread and strongly reduced the pasta, rice and potatoes. Unfortunately, I replaced it with hazelnuts, almonds and hulled hemp seeds.

In Jun, I had redness on my calf . It stays for 1 month before disappearing.

2014 - Bed Bugs or Lichen Planus ?

In February 2014, I had 2 or 3 pimples that hurt very badly in the navel and also around. The weird thing is that these pimples were appearing every 6 to 7 weeks. And it takes around 2 weeks to disappear completely.

I chatted with some friends and we deduced that it was some kind of insects that stung me. In addition, there was like a recurring cycle, 6 to 7 weeks between the bites.

So I threw out the mattress and went to bedbugs hunt. But nothing to do, the weeks pass and the pimples where appearing and disappearing always inside and around the navel. I have a friend who woke up as well one morning with some red pimples on his left thigh. He also thought it was bed bugs. He changed his mattress and inspected his home. He even called a company to order a dog bed bugs inspection. Result, the trained dog found nothing !!! 

Tips: if you wake up one morning with few small pimples on the bodies that are hurting badly when you touch them. I advise you to go and show these pimples to a Dermatologist. It will tell you if it's insects or not. In my case, these pimples were the beginning of my Lichen Planus autoimmune disease. 


2015 - Mega flare-up on my belly and my face

In March 2015, I woke up a morning with hundreds of pimples around and in the navel. There were everywhere. I was shocked and stunned. I applied fresh Aloe Vera gel to reduce the pain. It was hurting badly and scratching me hard. The pimples were red and bloody.

The next day I woke up with the face covered with pimples and redness !!! Disaster...it was the end of my world !!! I went to see a dermatologist who diagnosed me 2 autoimmune diseases : Rosacea and Lichen Planus !!!

He told me that there was no cure for these autoimmune diseases. And that Rosacea worsens over time and that there are risks of complications in the eyes. He also warns me that I ran the risk of becoming blind !!!

Then he reassured me by saying that there is special antibiotic to treat the symptoms of this disease. The protocol is simple but heavy : when the pimples and redness appear on my face I have to ingest these antibiotics for 30 days and apply chemical creams on my face !!!

Imagine my despair after receiving this information. At 40, hear that your social life is broke (red face filled with bloody pimples) and that you have a good chance of becoming blind over time !!!

During my 2 consultations (the 1st: the diagnosis and one month after the 2nd: for the verification of the results after the antibiotics round). The Dermatologist also tells me that according to the last researches, the stress was the main trigger of this disease. He advised me to calm down and rest in the countryside !!! Since they have no cure for you, the Doctor makes you feel guilty. You are responsible for your illness.

After a month of chemical cream and antibiotic daily, my face was better. The pimples and redness were gone. I finally breathed, but not for long time.


2016 - Flare-up the come back

In January 2016, the pimples and redness were back again. They appear very quickly, in 3 days my face was filled with pimples and redness. Total panic !!! I had to take another round of antibiotics and chemical creams !!! No known cure for this damn disease !!!! I went into total depression !!! The medical industry can do nothing for me, just treating the symptoms until the next flare-up !!!


Internet my saviour

So I decided to look on the Internet to find the cause of this disease. I quickly focused my research on the digestive system specifically the intestine.

And I read a lot of testimonials on the forums. And it emerged that gluten was responsible for the deterioration of the intestinal walls. And over time they become porous and allow undigested nutrients to enter the bloodstream.

This stresses the body because it cannot eliminate them. He will therefore expel these unwanted intruders through the skin which is actually a 3rd aid kidney. The intruders are pushed outwards by the skin and this creates inflammations, redness and pimples that ooze a transparent liquid.


2016 - Beginning of my gluten-free diet

So I started to eat gluten-free foods and also some processed foods labeled gluten-free. Result, no flare-up during 9 months. Miracle it works !!! I was happy...

But not for long time, one morning, pimples started to pop-up and the redness where back on my all face. Massive depression...it was the end of my world !!!


Water fasting

There is so much information on the Internet, I was despairing. Then I came across a video testimonial of someone explained that a 3 days water fasting was effective to stop a flare-up. I did a lot of research before I decided to make my first fast. I advise you to talk to your doctor if you decide to test this experience. Since I was fed-up with the antibiotics and creams, I tried this protocol.


My 3 days water fasting

So I drank only lukewarm water (or at room temperature) for 3 days. I drank 3 to 4 litres of water a day. Water fasting is very stress full for your body. The critical point is when you break your fast. If you over eat the wrong food you can die !!!. So what we have to eat after a 3 day fast ? 

You have the choice between fruits, cooked vegetables, carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potato) and animal proteins: meat, fish, cheese, eggs, milk, etc.

Fruits = sugar, Vegetables = indigestible fibres + natural chemical molecules produced by the plant to protect themselves (Lectins, Tannins, Trypsin, Inhibitors, Salicylates Oxalates, Phytic Acid). Carbohydrates = sugar + anti-nutrients.

So for breaking the fast, I recommend you eat cooked protein. Like for example chicken breast soup. Or a fish soup. In fact, animal proteins are easier to digest than fiber.


Result of my water fasting

After these 3 days, the pimples and redness were gone. It worked !!! I was so happy to have found a solution to replace antibiotics. But I lost 3 kilos during this fast. I lost muscle, fat stores, minerals and vitamins !!!

Depending of the diseases, it can be useful. But before doing it, I advice you to make your researches and ask your doctor. It is also very important to re-nourish the body after a fasting. But if you try to recover your muscles and fat lost by eating carbohydrates (bread, pasta, potato, rice, seeds etc.) it will not work. On the contrary, your symptom will come back fast and get worse because you will eat inflammatory food when your body is waiting desperately for bio-available nutrient dense foods to renourish and regenerate itself.

So if you need to make several water fasting or dry fasting during a long period of time, I advise you to re-nourish well your body between each fast with animal products that you was eating before the fast. Don't try new food that your body doesn't knows. 


2017 - Flare-up the return

I did not believe it, they were back. I enter again in a total depression. I had not yet recovered the weight lost during my last fast that I have to make another one. My situation was becoming critical. So I did another water fasting for 3 days and the pimples disappeared.

I made 4 water fasting (3 days long each) in a period of 12 months. I was thin and weak. I had to find another solution. I could not continue to lose weight. I was deficient in vitamins and essential nutrients.


2017 - Back on the Internet - Dr. Morse and the fruits

So I continued my research on the Internet and found the Dr. Morse. It is a Doctor that gives confidence. He speaks well and seems to know a lot of things. He has many degrees in medicine. Basically, he says that human beings are Frugivore and that animal products are bad for the body because they produce mucus and acidity. And over time, it clogs the lymphatic system.

All this information is FALSE !!! Human being are Carnivorous obligate  !!! I do not recommend choosing fruits as a main source of energy on a daily basis !!!

So I started to eat acid fruits to unclog my lymphatic system and heal my autoimmune disease. The months go by and I was fine, no flare-up whatsoever !!!

This doctor was right, we are Frugivore. After 2 years of research and suffering I finally found the good information !!! I was so happy !!!

I started to tell all my friends and family that fruits were really good for the health. And people said to me : “but there is sugar in fruits, be careful, is bad for your body”. And I told them what Dr. Morse said “no, it’s not the same sugar as candies and cakes. Sugar in fruits is natural, it gives energy to the cells and the body. Fruits are very easily assimilated by the digestive tract. They are full of vitamins and essential nutrients.

At this time, I was totally brainwashed and disconnected from reality. This happens when you have lost the connection with your ancestors knowledge. They have all figured out way long time ago that nutrient dense foods from animal product are essential for human being.

Fruits have been hybridized since a thousand of years to reach a height level of sugar. If you find a natural savage apple in the nature you will be unable to eat it as its low in sugar and very acidic. Fructose is as toxic for the body as alcohol. Once ingested, the liver need to neutralize it as quick as possible.  


2017 - Visit to the dentist

During a visit to my dentist for a teeth cleaning/scaling, he found 7 inter dental caries. Strange, I have had no more cavities since the age of 10 !!! So at that time in my life, I had no clues about anti-nutrients and I also thought that nutrients in fruits, vegetables, grains and seeds were bio-available by the body in the same way as animal products. Mistake..it cost me 3000$ USD in dentist !!!

So back on the Internet, the fruits and Dr. Morse were false information, a Hoax, a fake news! Human are not Frugivore !!! I have been folded. I was and I'm still upset about my teeths.

After that, I did research on cavities and why human being gets them ? And I came across the Price Foundation : Westonaprice.org 

Dr. Price was a highly accomplished scientist, researcher and a dentist in the 19th. He traveled the world to study the diet of different tribes. His journey starts in 1930 for 7 years and he visits the 5 continents, 14 major populations, hundred’s of tribes and villages, thousands upon thousands of peoples examined and photographed for the records. The result of his researches is that healthy teeth and gum is a very important indicator of the human health.

In conclusion, if you have cavities and bleeding gums it's that you do not eat enough bio-available nutrients dense food and too much refined grains and carbohydrates. The body can no longer function optimally because he is lacking of essential bio-available vitamins, nutrients and minerals present in animal products. And the first visible signs of these deficiencies are observed on the teeth and as well on the skin(dry).

I spent 1 month looking at information about dense foods and bio-availability of the nutrients by the human digestive system. I look as well at the dilemma about are we designed to be : Carnivore, Omnivore, Herbivore or Fruigivore ?

I find out as well a carnivore community on the Internet, many Facebook groups, YouTube channel, blog and website full of people trying and talking about the benefit of this diet. There is as well many Doctors and Nutritionists who have tried themselves the carnivore diet.

For me, the most obvious facts that we are in fact Carnivore obligate is that : if we don’t eat enough good quality animal products like fish, shell fish, meat, eggs and dairy, our body will begin to deteriorate and malfunctioning. Moreover, our gastric juice pH value acidity in our stomach is around 1.5 to 2. Which is very acidic !!!

All carnivores in nature like lion, tiger, etc. have as well very acidic gastric juice to digest animal product. Omnivores like chimpanzee and gorilla have a PH value around 2.5 to 3.

If you want to eat your natural carnivore diet, at least 60% of your daily food intake must be bio-available nutrients dense food from animal products and 40% plants, fruits, tubercle, roots, grains. If you diet is based on a Omnivore style : 25% bio-available nutrients dense food animal products and 75% plants, fruits, tubercle, roots, grains.That mean you eat everything and you have a “balanced diet” right ? But over time you will suffer from many different kind of symptoms and sickness which are related to nutrients deficiencies.

So to live in good health and be able to express our maximum creative potential, Human beings are obliged to eat quality animal products. The reason is that vitamins and nutrients in this class of food are very easily bio-available by the digestive system and the body will have plenty of bio-available nutrients it needs to function optimally. In this way, he will be able to carry out all his daily cleaning tasks and tissues regeneration.

We are the most creative living things and the most precious forme of life on this earth paradise. Because we are able to see the all picture of this wonderful ecosystem. This is why you cannot compare the life of an animal like a cows or fish to a Human being. Observe a cow during all his life in a pastured field. She eats all the daylong and then sleeps. The same routine every day.

Plants are alive as well and want to lives and reproduces. So in anyway, plants or animals have to dies to feed us. That is the paradox of the human life that we have to talk about. But the reality is there and immutable. Our teeth and skin doesn’t lies...they reflect the reality.

In July 2018 I had a switch in my mind, I finally understood and assimilated this new information and paradigm. It was very difficult to accept, because this ancestral knowledge is the opposite claimed by the majorities of doctors and nutritionists in 2018 : animal products are bad for human health, the reason is that they create acidity and putrefactive toxins in the gut who can lead to colon cancer.

After analyzing the all information, I choose to trust the knowledge of our ancestors who have for a long time eaten a lot of animal products. So I changed my Omnivore diet for a Carnivore diet to start regenerating my teeth and my all body.  


2018 - Beginning of the Carnivore diet

The most important things to understand with the Carnivore diet, is that your body can function with 2 types of fuel : Fat and Sugar

Fat : white eggs, dairy foods – such as butter, cream, ghee, regular-fat milk and cheese, meat – such as fatty cuts of beef, pork and lamb, processed meats like salami, sausages and the skin on chicken, lard

Sugar : carbohydrate, pasta, rice, pizza, bread, cookies, chocolate, fruits, etc.

Proteins are used by the body as material of construction/reconstruction. And the fat is used to nourish the all body. All your organs need high quality nutrients present in fat to function properly. It's why the real and natural carnivore diet is 70% fat and 30% protein. But if you want to lose some weight (fat), you just have to increase the proteins and decrease the fats. So you can control your weight very easily without effort.

Ketosis occurs when your body switches from burning glucose as its primary fuel source to burn fats instead. When this happens, your body produces ketones as a bi-product of fat-burning, which are then used as fuel throughout the body and brain.

In Ketosis you are not any more hungry all day long because your body can use his stored fat when in need energy. When your body run on sugar, you crave food every 2 hours. If you eat no more than 50g of carbohydrate per day, your body will stay in ketosis.

Do you know that you were on Ketosis during the first 2 years of your life? When you were so fragile and vulnerable... yes, in your mother womb, during 9 months you are fed with the blood of your mother. You don’t eat any sugar, you are in ketosis. And after birth, you are fed with your mother's milk. This white liquid is as well sugar free. It's raw and full of protein and fat to help your body grow and develop, you are again in ketosis.

You enter in Ketosis as well during a fast. Your body doesn’t have any more sugar and he begins to run on fat stored. It’s why you feel so good during a fasting, because you are eating your own fats and proteins. So vegan doesn’t eat any animal products ? It's wrong...they are in fact eating their own fat and protein from the inside !!! This is why you lose weight on a Vegan diet.

The point with the carnivore diet is to go back in this state of Ketosis : the natural and optimal source of fuel for your body to thrive, maintain and regenerate itself.

If people told you that this state is dangerous to be long term, they are liar or misinformed. How this state of ketosis can be dangerous if you arrive on this earth in Ketosis !!!

So now, I am eating for my body and not to feed my ego who wants sugar just for personal pleasure. Eating sugar is a matter of minutes during the day. You eat your croissant or pizza without thinking about your body needs of bio-available nutrients. When you run on fat, your body can repair and regenerate itself. You live longer with no mental problem as your brain is well nourish.  

2018 - Last flare-up and the sun

I started my carnivore diet in August 2018. 3 months later, I had a small flare-up in my belly and my face. I didn’t panic, I was feeling that it was a detoxification process. I continued eating bio-available nutrient animal products dense food. It lasts for 3 days and disappeared.

Since that (September 2019) I had no more flare-up and my skin is clear and very nicely hydrated. This summer I even didn’t burn one time under the sun.

The reason is that I stopped eating all vegetable oils. It's crazy, no matter the color of your skin, if you stop vegetable oils for one year, the body take time to eliminate this poison, you will see the result.

When you ingest vegetable oil, the body can’t process it. So it will store this substance in the fat under the skin, away from any blood vessel or organs.

It's why you get red when you go under the sun. The oil reacts to the sun as it is photosensitive and creates inflammation on the skin surface. Of course your skin must be well nourished with bio-available nutrients if you want to go under the sun without any sunscreen.

Do you know that the skin is the last part of the body that is feed in nutrients ? The body have priority to nourish it’s organs, and the skin is a low priority. Vital organs are high priority in the distribution of the bio-available nutrients received from your diet.


What to eat on a Carnivore diet

I have removed all the seeds and fruits because of the sugar and anti-nutrients they contain. I stopped as well all the vegetable oils as they are not healthy for the body . I removed as well all the vegetable and started eating 100% high quality organic animal products, 30% proteins and 70% fat :

- Organic Raw milk, milk kefir, ghee, butter and cheese.

- Organic free range eggs from chickens and ducks raised in an outdoor natural environment.

- Organic pasture grass feed beef, liver, bone marrow, pork with lots of fat

- Cured meat without nitrite

- Wild fish and fish eggs.

- Shellfish like oyster, mold, sea urchin, etc.

I remind you that the secret longevity food used by the people living on the Okinawa Island in Japan is pork meat and fat. They eat the pork from nose to tell. And they Pork are fed with very high quality food to get the best nutrient content in the meat.

The respect of the animal is very important. I don't want to promote big exploitation animal. Many small organic farms is the solution. All around the world the countryside is empty of people and animals. In my country more than 300 farmers suicides each year. And this happens in many countries :

Farmers' suicides: the rising human cost of the EU's agriculture crisis

We have to reverse this tendency. It's about our health and the future of our children's health. A lot of people would like to quit the city to live in nature and work in a farm.


I have been on this ancestral regeneration diet for 12 months. And I will stay with it because I was eating the wrong food during more than 40 years. I nearly die with my appendix infection. And later with my tow auto-immunes diseases (Rosacea and Lichen Planus) I suffer a lot and wasted  time and energy.

All my symptoms have despaired. My body have regenerate it’s self. I don't have any new cavities. My teeth and my gum are strong. I regained weight and muscle mass, around 10 kilos. My skin is hydrated and very healthy looking from my feet to my head.

My joint pain and back pain are gone. Before that, I woke up very often with a low back pain. I used to go frequently to urinate, now it is a usual. I have more energy and brain clarity. I’m calm and happy.

You can’t underestimate the impact of your diet on your mood/mind and brain cognitive capability. To function properly, your brain needs good quality animal fat, protein, nutrient and minerals. This why many engineers in the USA silicon valley have chosen a diet based on bio-available nutrient dense animal product instead of carbohydrate full of sugar and anti-nutrients.

Grains are for birds !!! We have to eat good quality fat and proteins from animal product. Raw fish and shellfish is the best. I remind you that the earth's surface is composed of 70% sea water + all the river and the lake. This represents trillion of fish and shellfish. We have as well plenty of natural pasture grass, no need of deforestation, for the cows, lambs. And all this living food is renewable !!!


List of all my symptoms that have disappeared

- Pain in the left knee and right elbow.

- Pimples on the face and belly (Rosacea autoimmune disease and Lichen Planus)

- Diarrhea, salt mole, wants to go to the toilet 2 to 3 times a day at random.

- Depression, lack of energy, stress, anxiety, headaches, difficulty concentrating.

- Dry skin on the feet, elbow, knee and hands.

- Teeth sensitive to heat/cold, inter dental cavities, mouth ulcer, a lot of tartar on the teeth.

- Muscle cramps, need to go to urinate frequently.


Many people say that humans are all different. But this is not true. We have all the same digestive system. The pH of our gastric juice in the stomach is 1.5. So it’s very acidic and perfect to digest meat properly. People who say the contrary are liars or misinformed about fundamental nutrition facts.

I can tell you one thing, I would have been very lucky to know this ancestral diet when I was young. If my parents had fed me with a nutrient dense foods , my life would have been completely different.


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